Helix Hall Tables

With their helical design, no other hall table comes close for pure indulgence.

Slim, yet perfectly proportioned, these vibrant tables have a sense of fun.

Sycamore Helix

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Raised on White Ebony veneered legs the frieze helix is inlaid with Ash, Tulip and Boxwood.

Italian Sycamore supports the helix and is framed on the top by White Ebony.

£12,700 incl. VAT

Poplar Helix

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Poplar Burr and English Boxwood provide a soothing contrast

Oval panels of Burr are encased in Boxwood and inlaid with Ironwood stringing.

£12,700 incl. VAT

Spalted Beech Helix

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This is an unusual timber. A fungi is intentionally introduced into the Beech tree and many years later the resulting figuring occurs.

Here the helix is set into the Spalted Beech. Eucalyptus frames the top and makes the moulding.

£12,700 incl. VAT

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