Excelsior Tables

Our Excelsior range of console tables are beautiful examples of classic design that take furniture into the realms of art.

Whether placed in a country home or the most modern apartment, an Excelsior will provide presence and grace.

In addition, an Excelsior Mirror will complement each piece perfectly.

White Ebony Excelsior

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A rare and exquisite veneer, White Ebony is used extensively throughout.

Beautifully figured, it is paired with fine English Walnut.

Stone with gold thread completes a refined console table.

£24,000 incl. VAT

Liquid Ambar Excelsior

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Entirely veneered in rare Liquid Ambar, this elegant console table conveys opulence and sophistication.

Stone veneer with gold thread makes for a distinctive and classical piece.

£24,000 incl. VAT

Silver Maple Excelsior

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This exciting console table combines Italian Sycamore and Silver Maple to stunning effect.

Inlaid with Black Boxwood and crossbanded with White Ebony.

Eucalyptus panels are set into the delicately tapered arch supports.

The centre block is encased with an architecturally classical motif.

£24,000 incl. VAT

Excelsior Mirror

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Produced to complement the Excelsior Console Table, this stately mirror has the same Eucalyptus panels and White Ebony stepped crossbanding.

The classical motif above, mirroring the console's base, makes for a spectacular arrangement.

£7,350 incl. VAT

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